Mini Spy Invisible Earpiece for Cheating on Exam/Test

The mini spy invisible earpiece  is the latest wireless headset model which came out in marcket recently that has the smallest sizes so far and is entirely in the skin colour, including the back battery cover. These new enhancements make the new spy cheating earpiece fit perfectly into your ear, being totally invisible even if you look from a small distance to the ear.

The new wireless Earpiece model, due to its much smaller size than the previous models (A680, for example), enters much easier in your ear. The battery cover is now painted in a colour close to the colour of the skin, making the new micro-headset model very difficult to see in your ear even at a short distance. The earpiece that have a black battery cover are much easier to be observed in the ear as they can be seen as a black plug in the ear.

cheating earpiece full skin color

Mini Spy Cheating Earpiece

The Earpiece has a good quality sound, it can be inserted in your ear easily and it is pushed with one finger until it is no longer noticeable. To remove the earpiece from your ear, you will use a regular tweezer with which you will pull that small and transparent thread. 

That transparent thread only has the role of extracting the spy earpiece  from the ear with a tweezer and if it seems too long you can cut it shorter, but you MUST NOT have to cut it all; leave it enough in order to be able to catch it with the tweezer and take out the earpiece from the ear. You do not have to worry, that transparent thread is very strong and it’s impossible to break and for the headset to be stuck in your ear.

Mini spy cheating Earpiece works with a special signal and therefore cannot be used directly connected to a mobile phone. In order to be able to cheat on an exam you need a complete system. A complete system is made up of Earpiece and an intermediary device that takes over the signal from the phone that will first turn it into a special signal for the earpiece and transmit it wirelessly to the earpiece in the ear.

Spy Earpiece for Exam Cheating

Using cheating systems with spy earpiece:

  • The principle of operation allows you to have no wires on the body,
  • It is impossible to detect,
  •  It has very good sound quality,
  • Compatible with any cheating system and is easy to use,
  • It’s harder to break than older models
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