Inductor Necklace with Spy Earpiece for Exam Cheating

This device is very simple to use, and its use has great results despite the fact that the price seems rather small compared to the rest of the systems for cheating on exams.

Inductor Necklace Bluetooth and wireless mini Earpiece is one of high performance made of Bluetooth with specially modified inductor necklace and a wireless skin color earpiece. The system is compatible with any cell phone model (including last model of Iphone), has a feature of Automatic Answer to call and call of the last number in the list without having to use the phone, performance microphone and is very easy to use.

System consisting of:

  • a Bluetooth with the role to take over the sound from the phone,
  • an inductor necklace that turns the voice into a wireless signal for Earpiece,
  • mini wireless Earpiece: Receives wireless waves and plays them in the ear.
Neckloop Bluetooth with spy earpiece invisible headset for cheat test exams

Advantages using this Device

  • You do not have any more wires on your body,
  • The connection between the mobile phone and the device is done wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • after you connect Bluetooth to your mobile phone, connection become hidden


  • very simple to use
  • compatible with any mobile phone
  • it has a high performance microphone
  • A small-sized wireless spy earpiece
  • 100% invisible in your ear!
Spy Earpiece for Exam Cheating

It's very simple to use

  • Put the battery in the earpiece and then insert it into your ear,
  • Turn on the Bluetooth system,
  • Activate the Bluetooth connection from the phone (compatible with any phone),
  • Search for new devices and connect the Bluetooth to your phone
  • Put the inductor necklace around your neck,
  • Call the person you want to speack
  • You can call the last number in the list by pressing on the Bluetooth at the base of your neck without having to use your mobile phone,
  • put the phone on silent and hide it somewhere with you,
  • a little below the base of the neck you have a very high-performing microphone.

The Mini Earpiece CANNOT receive a direct signal from the phone because the phone does not transmit a wireless audio signal that can be received by the earpiece.

This way, Bluetooth takes the voice of the one whispering on the phone, turns it into a signal compatible with the earpiece and with the help of the inductor necklace sends it wirelessly to the cheating mini spy earpiece.

The mini earpiece captures the waves and transmits them to the ear. At the same time, Bluetooth captures with the help of a high-performance internal microphone all the Neighbouring sounds, sends them wirelessly to the phone and to the person what help you.

That’s why you need a complete cheat-on -exam system to take the signal from your mobile phone and transmit it wireless to the earpiece in your ear. The connection with the earpiece is: Automatic, wireless and invisible to any detector! From the inductive necklace around the neck to the ear there is absolutely NO wire!

cheating earpiece full skin color

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