Inductor Necklace with Spy Earpiece

This device is very simple to use, and its use has great results despite the fact that the price seems rather small compared to the rest of the systems for cheating on exams.

The earpiece is not capable of receiving a direct signal from the mobile phone unless there are made a few changes inside the phone, a method not recommended by us.

That’s why you need a complete cheat-on -exam system to take the signal from your mobile phone and transmit it wireless to the earpiece in your ear. The connection with the earpiece is: Automatic, wireless and invisible to any detector! From the inductive necklace around the neck to the ear there is absolutely NO wire!


  • very simple to use
  • compatible with any mobile phone
  • it has a high performance microphone
  • A small-sized Micro-headset
  • 100% invisible in your ear!

cheating earpiece full skin color

It's very simple to use

  • put the battery in the headset and then insert it into your ear
  • put the inductor necklace around the neck: NOT on the base of the neck, it is much wider and cannot be seen under the clothes
  • plug the 3.5″ jack into the headset port of your phone
  • at the bottom of the neck you have a microphone and a call / answer button
  • put the phone on silent and hide it in your pocket
  • you can call before entering the room or you can answer the call by tapping on the microphone (you look as if you scratch for example) without using the mobile phone

That’s all! It’s simple and cheap!

This device is compatible with virtually any mobile phone that has the 3.5 mm jack connector for headset (hands-free).

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