I-Control Pro Application for Cheating Camera i-Cheat S1

Before pressing the login button, it is important to make sure that:

  • The camera is turned on and connected to the Wi-Fi network
  • On the Wi-Fi Network to which the camera is connected the internet works
  • The internet works on the computer where you installed the application The address entered in field 1 is correct

If everything is fine the application will connect to your camera in few seconds.
If a window saying “Connection Error, Please check your connection…” appears it means that you do not have internet access on the computer where you installed the application. Check what the causes are.

If after pressing the connect button a window saying “Error Camera Not Connected – Please check your camera connection” appears, there could be several causes:

  • Check if you entered the email address correctly,
  • Check if the camera is on – normally a red LED lights dimly continuously and a green one should flash intermittently with a frequency of about once per second,
  • Check if the camera is connected to the Wi-Fi network:
  •  If you use a Samsung phone on which you made Hotspot to connect the camera to the internet, in the Hotspot menu you will find by scrolling down on the screen Connected Devices. Here the camera name will have to appear if it is connected to your phone.
  • On the iPhone you will have to check that you have a blue stripe at the top of the phone screen on which to write: 1 Connection
  •  If you use a Router in the Settings Menu you should find an option to show you the devices connected via Wi-Fi (active connections) to your router,
  • If the camera is not connected to the Phone or Router check:
    • If the camera is on – the red LED lights dimly and the green is blinking intermittently
  • If the Wi-Fi network has the correct name set: net caffe
    Including the first character in lower case and with space between words!
  •  If the Wi-Fi network has the password set correctly: copiat2019
  • Even the first character should be in lower case and without space between words!
  • Warning: if you leave the Wi-Fi network without the password (Open) the camera will not connect!
  • If you use an Iphone when you activate the Personal Hotspot function, a window in which you will have to select: Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will appear. If even after enabling the Personal Hotspot function from your Iphone you did not find this possibility to select Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you will have to repeat the steps of setting the Hotspot function. If you changed anything in the Hotspot settings after selecting Turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you will have to repeat the setting steps again. Using Iphone Phones is a little more delicate because Iphone uses many security protocols.
  • Check if the Wi-Fi net caffe network made for the camera has internet access:
    Connect with a Phone, Tablet or Laptop via Wi-Fi to the net caffe network, open a Browser and browse several internet pages to make sure that the internet works on this Wi-Fi network (net caffe).

After the application will connect to your camera the system is ready to be used. Below we will describe the buttons and how the application works.

icontrol pro application for cheating camera

1 – your account address; 2 – the number of pictures you can take today; 3 – How many times can you reset the meter this month; 4 – meter reset button; 5 – button to close the camera; 6 – various information will be displayed here; 7 – you can change the picture resolution; 8 – you can change the picture quality; 9 – you can change the video resolution; 10 – you can change the quality of the recorded movie; 11 – sets the recording duration; 12 – camera control button to record and send Video; 13 – The camera control button to take and send a picture.

Description of the Buttons in the application

1 is the address of your DropBox account. There you will find absolutely all the pictures and videos sent by your camera. If you click on the email address you will be redirected to the Browser directly to your DropBox account. If it asks you to log in, use the email address and password for your camera.

2 here you will find information about the remaining number of pictures or videos sent per day. The application allows you to send 100 pictures or videos in one day. Every day this meter resets automatically.
Remember that if you change the date from the computer or if you delete or reinstall the application or install it on another computer the meter will not reset! The information about the remaining number is stored in the camera’s memory.

3 and 4 You will be able to reset this meter to limit the number of pictures up to 3 times in a month from the green button 4. At 3 you can see how many more times you can reset the meter this month. In order not to reset the meter by mistake when you still have more pictures, you will be able to reset it only when you have less than 5 pictures left per day.
Remember that this information is also stored in the camera’s memory and therefore any attempt to reset will not work!

5 from the red button 5 you will be able to close the camera.
Warning: Once the camera is closed, it cannot be reopened unless the person who has the camera with him/her will remove the MicroUSB power cable and put it back or, as the case may be, the camera will be closed from the physical button and then restarted (some cameras also have an On/Off button attached and others turn on as soon as you insert the MicroUSB jack).
6 various information will appear here during the operation of the camera.

How can you take a picture or record a Video from the i-Control Pro application?

Your camera can take pictures (Button 13) or record video (Button 12). It is recommended to do as many tests as possible to see which way is more useful and easier to use for the exam you are going to take.

Remember that the duration of sending an image is shorter the higher the internet speed. Because in the exam room you have no other internet source than the one from the GSM network, it is important that the GSM signal is good in the area where you will use the camera.

A good GSM signal means a higher internet speed and automatically a shorter time to send the subjects. If a picture is 2mb, a recording can be up to 30mb, so the time from the moment the camera finishes recording until the recording appears in the DropBox can take up to a few minutes, depending on the internet speed available for the exam camera.

How do you take a picture?

If you want to take a picture, click on the Take Photo button and follow the information inside the monitor, next to number 6.

Warning: after pressing the Take Photo button, it is important for the person who has the camera not to move in the first 12 seconds: neither him/her nor the sheet, otherwise the picture will be blurry, foggy.

If you clicked on Take Photo, both buttons (to take the picture and record video) will become inactive until the picture arrives in Dropbox.

If you commanded the picture to be taken from the application, it is very important that the person in the exam room who has the camera does not press the wired button, otherwise the camera will ignore both commands and there is the possibility for the following 1-3 commands to be ignored.

From button 7 you can change the resolution of the picture you are going to take. We recommend you to use the maximum resolution 2592×1944, which is set by default.

From button 8 you can change the picture quality. We recommend you to leave the maximum quality High, which is set by default.

As a recommendation for the case when you take pictures

Take several tests to get used to how your camera works.

Most clients only use the function to send pictures. When taking pictures, after sending the Take Photo order, it is very important in the first 12 seconds that neither you nor the person who has the camera moves the sheet, otherwise the picture will come out foggy.

If you sent a command, follow the information available in the monitor on the application and wait for the picture to arrive in DropBox and do not send another command.

Send in the headset to the person who has the camera that you have given a picture command and that neither him/her nor the sheet are allowed to move in the next 12 seconds. He she should not press as well on the wired button to take a picture.

How can you send a Video file?

If you want to send a Video file, press the Take Video Button and follow the information inside the monitor, next to number 6.

After you send the video recording command, you will NOT be able to change the resolution or duration of the recording that is in progress in case you changed your mind. You will wait for the filming to arrive in DropBox, after which you will be able to change the parameters for the next filming.

After pressing the Take Video button, the person who has the camera will have to try to change the distance between the exam sheet (LCD monitor) and the camera as little as possible, otherwise the filming may be blurry, or foggy.

Depending on the selected resolution, the camera focuses once every 2-4 seconds for the 800×600 resolution and once every 10-14 seconds for 2592×1944. At high resolution the camera will be able to focus a maximum of 2-3 times throughout the recording.

Thus, if you change the distance between the sheet and the camera too often, large parts of the recording can be blurry. Take several tests to understand how your camera works.

If you clicked Take Video, both buttons (to take the picture and record the video) will become inactive until the picture arrives in Dropbox.

After you commanded the video recording from the application, the person who has the camera in the exam does not have to press the wired button because there is a possibility that both commands are ignored by the camera and sometimes even the next 1-3 new commands you will give may be ignored.

You can set the resolution, quality and duration of the video recording that the camera is to send from buttons 9, 10 and 11.
You can leave the quality to the maximum all the time and you can do some tests with the 3 available resolutions:

  • 800×600 – the camera will record at 30fps – the images will be very fluent but the resolution is lower
  • 1280×720 – the camera records at 20 fps – the images will be less fluent but the resolution slightly better
  • 2592×1944 – the camera records at only 4fps – filming will take place in steps, jerky. This is due to the low fps rate (4 frames per second) but the resolution and image quality will be very good. This resolution is more like an experiment.

As a recommendation for recording videos

Take several tests to get used to how your camera works.
The most commonly used resolution is 800×600 at high quality (High), but you have to do tests and use the one you think is ok for you.

If you choose 800×600, the camera will focus once every 2-4 seconds. We recommend you to keep a constant distance between the exam paper and the button camera throughout the video recording.

Through the headset transmit to the person who has the camera that you sent a video recording command and he/she will know how to bring the sheet in front of the camera and move it slowly in order to film all the subjects and in all this time to change the distance between the sheet and the camera as little as possible.

After the camera finishes recording (depending on the duration selected before sending the command) you transmit through the headset of the person taking the exam that the recording is over – he/she can leave the sheet and move without restrictions, as the process of sending the recording to you follows. All this information will be available in the application on the monitor next to number 6.

Remember that if you select a higher resolution, the camera will focus less often. Thus, the person taking the exam will have to be even more careful not to change the distance between the sheet and the camera.

Example: If you select the maximum resolution the camera focuses once every 10 seconds. If you selected a duration of 30 sec, the camera will focus 3-4 times. The camera focuses in the first second then on second 10, then 20, then 30.

If you always change the distance between the sheet and the camera, it will focus but if you immediately change the distance, it will focus again only after another 10 seconds and the more you change the distance, the more these 10 seconds recorded until the next focus will cause the images to be more blurry.


We offered here many explanations and at first glance the manner of operation may seem difficult, but you will see that the more tests you do the better you will understand how the system works and you will see that it is not so complicated.

In short

If you use a high resolution for Video you have the advantage that the viewing angle is very large, the clarity of the images is very good but the person who has the camera must be as careful as possible so that after sending the Video recording command he/she shall no longer change the distance between sheet and the room.

If you use a lower resolution, the person taking the exam can change the distance between the subject sheet and the camera more often, the images will flow more smoothly – 30fps (30 frames per second) but the viewing angle is smaller and the image quality is poorer.

Download the photo or Video recording by clicking on those points on the right and select Download. After the picture is downloaded, you can open it from the folder where it was downloaded to your computer.

Viewing Pictures and Video Recordings

Each camera has a unique email address that only you have access to! You can view both the photos and the video recordings on the PC Desktop or Laptop but also on the Phone or Tablet.

For Desktop PC or Laptop

Open a Browser window (Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari) and enter the following address:


Here you will log in with the email address and password for your camera received with the Sign in button. Warning: DO NOT Sign in with Google!!!! And not use your personal acount (your personal email) – each camera have individual dropbox acount, usual you can find in papers in last page.

After you log in to your camera account, enter the “My files” and “uploads” folder.  In this Uploads folder all the pictures and Video recordings that your camera will send will automatically appear. Here the pictures will appear one below the other automatically. Once every 10 minutes it is recommended to refresh the page in order for it to sync with your camera and for the pictures or videos to appear automatically.

You can click even more often to see if a picture or Video recording has arrived.
We recommend you to first download the picture to the computer (laptop) and then to view it. If you click directly on the picture, it will open in the browser. In the browser the picture is not displayed at its maximum clarity, but somewhere at 50% and you can’t zoom in on it either. It is also valid for Video recordings.

If you want to receive pictures on your Phone or Tablet

On your phone or tablet, regardless of brand and model, you must install the Dropbox application from the Play Store or App Store for Iphone. You will need to log in with the email address and password corresponding to your camera. In the application you will find the Uploads folder, where the photos and videos will appear.

Pull from top to bottom in the application from time to time to refresh the window and thus to see the last pictures.

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