How to use mini Camera for cheat on Exam i-Cheat S1

I-Cheat Button Camera S1 is old model. You can ceck new S3 Model: cheating camera

Step 1: Charing the Battery for camera

I-Cheat S1 camera have very small size, so inside not have space for a battery what can supply enough power for long autonomy. In this case will use an external battery. The camera has a MicroUSB power connector and can be powered from any external battery that has a MicroUSB power cable.

In the package you will find an external battery specially modified to be as small as possible (to be able to easily hide it on the body under clothes). This battery also has a very flexible (silicone) thin microusb cable and very durable at the same time.

The battery in the package has 4000mAh, enough for at least 5 hours of autonomy.

The battery has a Type C charging connector. The battery can be recharged with any type c cable from any USB port: laptop, PC, phone charger, tablet charger.

There are 2 LED lights on the battery: blue and red. Keep charging until the red light goes out and a blue light comes on. Charging time varies depending on how low the battery level is and the power of the charger is used.

More information on the battery charging process can be found by watching the video below.

Step 2: Share your internet connection to the camera - Set WiFi Networck

i-Cheat S1 camera needs a usual wifi network with the name: “net caffe” and the password: “copiat2019”. So you need to create a wifi networck with:

  • Name: net caffe
  • Password: copiat2019
All characters must be written in lower case! Including the first character!
Remember: the camera only works on 2.4 gHz wifi networks! It cannot work on the 5 gHz band!
It doesn’t matter for the i-Cheat s1 camera what device you use to create this wifi network. You can use your own mobile phone (android or ios) with the “Personal Hotspot” function or you can use it a mini WiFi Box (4G Mini Router or Dongle).
When trying to make a hotspot on multiple phones, don’t forget to check first if you turned off the personal hotspot feature on the first device you tried. This is necessary to avoid the situation in which you created two networks with the same name and the same password at the same time and in the same room.

Warning: As long as you make the Wi-Fi settings, the camera must be turned off! Then, at each use first activate the Wi-Fi network (Hotspot from the phone or turn on the router) with the name: “net caffe” and the password “copiat2019” and only after at least 1 minute turn on the camera. When you turn on the camera, it must have the Wi-Fi network available because the first thing the camera does when it starts is to search the internet network and if it does not find it, there is the possibility not to try again later – you will have to stop the camera and restart it again after you turn on the Wi-Fi network.

In order to send pictures to your help at home, the Camera needs internet access. The internet source does not matter for the camera. The camera will know how to connect to any Wi-Fi network that has the network name set: “net caffe” and the password: “copiat2019” (Warning: without “ ”). You can use any 4G compatible mobile phone that has the Hotspot function or a portable 4G mini Router (Example: Huawei e5577).
To test the camera (because you can’t take your home router with you at the exam) you can even use your own fixed home internet router.
In terms of performance there is absolutely no difference for the mini camera whether you use a Mobile Phone or a portable 4G mini Router. Remember that the distance between the camera and any device you choose to offer internet to the camera (mobile phone or portable 4G router) cannot exceed 2-3 meters. So, you will have to hide your phone or the portable 4G mini Router somewhere near you. Under no circumstances can you leave it at home, in the car, in the hallway, in a blouse to the hanger, etc. A portable 4G Router can usually be smaller than a Mobile Phone and thus can give you an advantage when you want to hide it under clothes.

How to set Personal Hotspot

Note that the menu may differ slightly from one phone model to another. Watch the video below for the type of phone you have (android or iOS) and if your menu is a little different, search on youtube How to setup personal hotspot for “my phone model”.

Now, after watching our video, you can get an idea of what you should do next, even if your phone’s menu differs a little.

For Android Phones

For iPhone

How choise and How to Set a Mini 4G Router WiFi Box

Step 3: Download and Install application in PC Desktop or laptop

The i-Control Pro application is specially developed to be able to control the camera. With the help of this application, your help at home can take pictures or record videos, without you having to press any button during the exam. The application is available for Desktop PCs or Laptops running Windows or for Mac.

Download for Windows

Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7

32/64 bit  English Version

Download for MAC

Mac OS X

English Version

The i-Cheat S2 camera app is not available for mobile devices: phones or tablets – so don’t look for it in the Play Store (Google play for Android or App Store for IOS) because you won’t find it.

Steps to follow:

  • Download the application corresponding to your Operating System
  • Install and then open the Application
  • You may be asked for certain acceptances, agreements – you must accept them all. On the Mac you will have to enter the settings and accept the installation of applications from unknown sources.
  • Enter the email address corresponding to your camera

Connect to the camera – You will be able to connect to the camera only if it is turned on and connected to the internet through the Wi-Fi network to your Phone or Router.

i-control pro application

1 – Enter the email address of your camera; 2 – Connection Button

More information about how to install and how to use application you can find by press button below.

How to put the button with the camera on the shirt

ATTENTION: Both the incision you make where the original button was sewn and the hole with which the blouse closes must be large enough for the button with the camera to enter easily.

WITHOUT FORCE !!! Otherwise the button may come off the camera.

Thus, if the part of the shirt / blouse that already has a hole made at the factory (the part with which you closed the shirt) has an insufficiently large hole, you must enlarge it a little with a cutter blade.

Although it happens quite rarely, if you are unlucky enough to force too hard and pull the button off the camera. It is recommended that you contact us to send the camera back to us. Don’t try to stick the button back on the camera using Super Glue! Or any other soldering solution! Because the camera has a small lens that needs to move freely. Any tiny amount of glue that gets on it will prevent the lens from moving.

You don’t have to worry too much, the button is pretty well attached to the camera. You just have to be careful not to make a hole in your shirt / blouse big enough not to force when mounting the camera.

The button camera can be worn on the chest or sleeve

You can button the camera on both the chest and the sleeve. You will have to do several tests to choose the most suitable place for you, in which you will mount the camera. There is no perfect place because it depends on one person to another, from one exam to another.

The camera will always shoot in the forward direction! So if you are going to mount the camera on your chest, keep in mind that you will have to pick up the sheet with the subjects in front of the camera while you are taking the picture. You will replace one of the buttons on a blouse, T-shirt… .shirt (etc). It is recommended to use a blouse, shirt, T-shirt, etc. with many stripes, squares, colors ast .so the buttons with the camera will be lost in the decoration much easier.

If you put the camera on your chest, it is recommended to replace about the 3rd button from the top. It is NOT good to replace the top button because you will have to lift the sheet above to catch the sheet properly in the picture, but not too low because you will take pictures under the table. From the experience of our customers the best is the 2nd or 3rd button starting from the top.

How to put button camera on the chest

How to put the button camera on the sleeve

What you MUST NOT do

  • DO NOT force the button camera when you put it on the shirt!!! It can be detached from the camera!
  • If necessary, enlarge the hole in the shirt: cut with a cutter blade
  • Use shirts and blouses as thin as possible
  • DO NOT spin the Button! Don’t pull the button too hard!
  • DO NOT keep the sheet on the table when you want to take a picture – only part of the page will be clearly visible (the sheet must be kept standing in front of the camera (the camera must be perpendicular to the sheet)
  • DO NOT move the first 10-12 seconds (you or the sheet) once you have placed the command and sent the picture
  • DO NOT change the distance between the camera and the sheet once you have placed the command and sent the picture
  • DO NOT leave the Phone or the 4G mini Router more than 3 meters from the camera
  • DO NOT cut that antenna from the camera – you can only bend it behind or to the side of the camera
  • DO NOT forget to check if the mobile data, as well as the hotspot function is enabled

DO NOT turn on the Camera first!!! First enable the Hotspot and then you can turn on the camera!!!

If the image it is blurry

Usually, after starting, the first picture is for calibration (test) and sometimes the first one is blurry. The following pictures should be clear. If the sent photos are blurry, there may only be due to the following causes:

  • The sheet with the subjects is on the table:
  • The sheet with the subjects must be kept standing in front of the camera, as perpendicular as possible.
  • After pressing the button or sending an order from the application, you increased or decreased the distance between the camera and the sheet with subjects.

            Once you have commanded to send a picture, it is VERY VERY important that in the first 10-12 seconds neither you (the video camera) nor the sheet with the subjects move, otherwise the picture will be blurry

The Most Common Mistakes made by users:

  • Hotspot set but not enabled – pictures are not received even though the camera is on
  • Hotspot is enabled but mobile data disabled – the pictures are not received even though the camera is on
  • The SIM card does not have an option with activated internet or enough credit – – the pictures are not received
  • The sheet with the subjects or the video camera moves in the first 10-12 seconds – the pictures are blurry
  • The sheet with the subjects is left on the table or is not kept straight (perpendicular) before the camera – only part of the writing is clearly visible.
  • Turn on the camera and then the hotspot function.
  • Leave the phone at home – WRONG! The phone or router must be within 3 meters of the camera.


  • Over 80% of the success lies in doing a lot of tests and simulations with the purchased systems but also in the person who is going to help you. It is not enough to just do a test in a hurry – you see that everything works saying thatI’ll test it before the exam”!!!!! The systems are NOT so difficult to use, but by doing many tests, you will get used to the way the system works, and at the exam you will NOT be nervous!!!!!
  •  If possible, before the exam we recommend you to check in the area where the exam is held which network has the best 4G signal, and during the exam you should use the respective GSM network – pictures but especially video recordings reach the dropbox quicker.
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