How to use Mini Spy Invisible Earpiece

Step 1: Clean the ear very well before putting the earpiece on the ear

Due to the technology used, the very small size, the earpiece is very sensitive and therefore try not to lose it on foot, not to keep it close to large magnetic or electromagnetic fields, and very important not to infuse it with wax!

You need to clean your ear very well before inserting the earpiece – you will infuse it with yellow wax and it will be heard very slowly and over time the wax will destroy the internal circuits.

Step 2: Insert the 337 Battery in the Wireless Earpiece

The battery has 2 sides: a side is completely smooth and has something written on it and the other has a circle on the edge. Every time the battery will be put in the cover with the part with the writing facing the cover and the circle around the edge towards the wireless earpiece:

DO NOT pull off the cover – the cover is opened by spinning! Screw with care the wireless earpiece cover. If immediately you start screwing it, it gets stuck, open and screw on again. Screwing has to be done very easily, there is no need to force it. When you put the battery in your headset after fixing the cover it is possible to leave a little space between the headset and the cover (the cover is not tighten all the way) – this is normal!

The wireless earpiece battery will start to be consumed from the moment you screw the cover, even if you do not use the wireless earpiece, therefore it is recommended not to leave the battery in. The battery’s autonomy is of about 3-4 hours of operation.

The battery can be used several times, provided it is not left in the wireless earpiece. The wireless earpiece will be inserted into your ear all the time with the sharp side facing your ear. It will be pushed with a tweezer until it is no longer visible. When you remove it, you will draw it with a small tweezer from that little transparent antenna.

That antenna on the headset has absolutely no role in operating the wireless earpiece and is placed just for removing the headset from the ear. Some customers shorten or even cut it off in order to be harder for the headset ro be seen in their ear, but be careful: you will not have anything in order to help you take off the headset out of your ear and thus it will be very difficult to remove it.

The headset has a background noise (like a continuous fizzle, rustling) – this is normal, that means the amplification of the wireless earpiece works and the headset is new. The more intense the background fizzle is, the more intense the voice of the person who dictates you will be. In the meantime, the intensity will drop along with the wireless earpiece wear until nothing will be heard- this means you have to replace the headset.

What you not to do, WARNING!!!

You need to clean your ear very well before inserting the wireless earpiece: you will clog it with wax and it will sound very slowly and in time the wax will destroy the internal circuits.

  • Do not pull on the cover – the cover opens by turning,
  • Do not use batteries other than 337,
  • Do not put the battery backwords in the cover – you will burn the earpiece
  • Because of the technology used, the very small size, the earpiece is very sensitive, so try not to drop it, not to keep it close to magnetic or electromagnetic fields, and it is very important not to clog it with wax.
  • Do not worry about that background fizzle, it’s normal, it means the earpiece works, when it goes away, the earpiece has deteriorated and needs to be changed

If the sound from the Earpiece is heard too loud outside the ear

The farther you hold the box away from your headset (ear), the slower you hear it. Assemble the GSM box (or your cheat device: neeckloop bluetooth, inductor neeklop) as close to your ear as possible and never lower from your chest.  Because the GSM box(your cheating device) has a microphone and the closer it is to the mouth of the person with whom you communicate the more easily he will hear and understand you.

If the room where you want to use the device is noisy, first of all it will be heard louder because the GSM box (your cheating device) is close to the earpiece in your ear and secondly you can adjust how loud you want to hear by bending your head towards the box (you will hear louder and louder as you get closer to the box with the ear in which you have the headset) or remove the head of the box for cases when someone is near you and you want to be sure it will not be heard outside.

Make more tests by adjusting the volume from “+” for louder or “-” for slower, and let someone stand next to you and check if it is heard outside while changing the place and position of the box on the body. If you hold the box on the shoulder, leave the volume slower and if you keep it in your pocket to the chest turn it on to maximum.

In order not to be heard outside, you must find a balance between the GSM box (your cheating device) position on the body – the volume you set in the box – and the position of your head relative to the box as described above.

The fact that you can adjust the volume without the need to have access to the device during the exam by tilting the head or the approach of the ear in which the earpiece is located to the GSM box (your cheating device) for a louder volume in your ear and by removing the ear from next to the  GSM box (your cheating device) for a smaller volume is a very great advantage because in certain situations you need a higher volume and in other cases a more reduced volume.

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