How to use GSM Box with Wireless Earpiece

Step 1: Charing the GSM Box

Charing can be done on any PC or Laptop as well as from socket chargers with USB. The charging time varies depending on the power of the charger and on how consumed it’s the gsm box battery, namely: On Laptop or PC – between 2 and 4 hours, at the socket chargers – about 2 hours.

It is very important to remove the gsm box from charghing before leaving for the exam, because the gsm box discharges even if it is closed and you do not use it.

Charge it as long as the side blue light blinks intermittently. Fully charge the GSM box battery for maximum autonomy and no interruption. If the blue LED flashes a few times after it stays on, it means the battery is already fully charged. The battery MUST NOT be formatted.

The battery’s autonomy may vary depending on the audio volume set and the level of the GSM signal in that location, more exactly the autonomy decreases as the volume increases and the signal is weak in that area. It is recommended to fix the box as high as possible (the closer to the ear the louder you can hear, and it is unnecessary to increase the volume and in this way you increase the time of use).

For example, in areas with weak GSM signal and if you turn the volume to the maximum, the autonomy can even drop by 50%.

Step 2: Inserting the SIM Card in GSM Box

Remove the PIN code if it is activated before you put the card in your device. You do this by inserting the card in a certain phone and by entering the security settings you will find a PIN disable option. WARNING: simply entering your PIN when you switch on your phone does not mean you have your PIN disabled, you will notice that the code is requested again the next time the phone is switched on.

Disabling the PIN code is a very important step because when you start the GSM Box, the card requests the PIN code and as the GSM Box does not have a keypad you are unable to enter it in order to move further and log in to the mobile network. As a result of the failure to disable the PIN code: When you call the respective card number, the robot responds as if the box was closed.

how put sim card in gsm box

Pay close attention to inserting the SIM card into the device because if you insert it in a wrong way, the card holder will be damaged. With the ON / OFF writing towards you and on the left and then following the lateral side and then SOS / RESET on the right side, the card will go with the yellow contacts down and the chamfer front left, push the card with the nail until a click is heard and the card will self-maintain.

In order to remove the card, push the card 1-2 mm with your nail, without forcing it, you will hear a slower click this time and the card will be released.

Step 3: Insert the 337 Battery in the Wireless Earpiece

The battery has 2 sides: a side is completely smooth and has something written on it and the other has a circle on the edge. Every time the battery will be put in the cover with the part with the writing facing the cover and the circle around the edge towards the wireless earpiece:

DO NOT pull off the cover – the cover is opened by spinning! Screw with care the wireless earpiece cover. If immediately you start screwing it, it gets stuck, open and screw on again. Screwing has to be done very easily, there is no need to force it. When you put the battery in your headset after fixing the cover it is possible to leave a little space between the headset and the cover (the cover is not tighten all the way) – this is normal!

The wireless earpiece battery will start to be consumed from the moment you screw the cover, even if you do not use the wireless earpiece, therefore it is recommended not to leave the battery in. The battery’s autonomy is of about 3-4 hours of operation.

The battery can be used several times, provided it is not left in the wireless earpiece. The wireless earpiece will be inserted into your ear all the time with the sharp side facing your ear. It will be pushed with a tweezer until it is no longer visible. When you remove it, you will draw it with a small tweezer from that little transparent antenna.

That antenna on the headset has absolutely no role in operating the wireless earpiece and is placed just for removing the headset from the ear. Some customers shorten or even cut it off in order to be harder for the headset ro be seen in their ear, but be careful: you will not have anything in order to help you take off the headset out of your ear and thus it will be very difficult to remove it.

The headset has a background noise (like a continuous fizzle, rustling) – this is normal, that means the amplification of the wireless earpiece works and the headset is new. The more intense the background fizzle is, the more intense the voice of the person who dictates you will be. In the meantime, the intensity will drop along with the wireless earpiece wear until nothing will be heard- this means you have to replace the headset.

Step 4: Turning on the GSM Box

Before any start it is highly recommended to press the reset button for 3 seconds. Then, press the ON / OFF button for 3-5 seconds until a red LED lights up next to the volume button. When the LED lights up for an uninterrupted 2-3 seconds, the box has started, and when it flashes a few times after you press on on-off for a few seconds the box closes.

Nothing has to light at the reset, just press for 3 seconds, then release the button. Wait for approx. 1-2 minutes then you can call the card number from the device. The device will respond automatically. You can adjust the volume by pressing + for louder or – for slower. When starting, the volume is automatically adjusted to half.

The device also has a very sensitive microphone next to SOS / RESET.

What you not to do, WARNING!!!

You need to clean your ear very well before inserting the wireless earpiece: you will clog it with wax and it will sound very slowly and in time the wax will destroy the internal circuits.

For the wireless earpiece :

  • Do not pull on the cover – the cover opens by turning,
  • Do not use batteries other than 337,
  • Do not put the battery backwords in the cover – you will burn the earpiece
  • Because of the technology used, the very small size, the earpiece is very sensitive, so try not to drop it, not to keep it close to magnetic or electromagnetic fields, and it is very important not to clog it with wax.
  • Do not worry about that background fizzle, it’s normal, it means the earpiece works, when it goes away, the earpiece has deteriorated and needs to be changed

For the GSM Box:

  • Do not hold the box more than 50 cm from the ear, you will hear very slowly,
  • Do not use tape to stick the box on the body – you will sweat and it will split off,
  • DO NOT force the card to be inserted – the SIM card enters in one position and self-locks, see the picture with the correct position in which the card must be inserted!

If you do not hear anything

Check the earpiece battery and eventually replace it, normally if the battery is good and the wireless earpiece hole is not clogged with wax in the headset you must hear “a fizzle in the background”

Charge the battery for  the gsm box to the maximum, check if you have a good signal on the phone network corresponding to the card of the device, check if the PIN code is disabled on the device card by putting it in a phone and if it has one, disable it from the menu. The box should be as close to the ear as possible and never below the chest pocket. Set the volume to the maximum by briefly pressing the “+” button repeatedly.

If the robot(Mail Box) answer you - the phone is closed

If when you call the card number from the GSM box, the robot responds as if the phone (the box) was closed even though you started the box and the red LED lit for 1-2 seconds continuously (if it blinks it means it was on and you closed it) there are only 4 causes:

  • You have not disabled the PIN code- It’s NOT enough to just enter your PIN at start-up when you place the card on a regular phone. You must enter the phone menu at Settings – Security Settings – PIN code request (because it differs from one model and phone manufacturer to another, you have to search the menu – it’s not the same for all) and disable the PIN code!
  • It does not read the SIM card: You used cards with an adapter to which the surface of the card is not smooth and those lips that remain outside a little will hook at one point the contact pins that read the card and they will move, bend or even break it, and thus the card will not be read by the device, it’s like you do not have the card! WARNING!
  • There is no signal in that area

You do not call the device card number – you may have misspelled it CHECK!

If the SIM Card does not stay locked in the GSM Box

If you observe exactly like in the picture the position of the card insertion in the device, the card will remain in place due to the self-locking system.

You need to push with the nail or with an object: a nail file, a tweezers, a knife but not with a very sharp tip, etc. until you hear a click. This click will be heard when the card is pushed to the end (until there is no more place to go in the back).

Sometimes if you do this operation with a nail that is not big enough, it may not be possible to push the card all the way and have the card remining inside. If you do not succeed with a nail, use something that is not very sharp.

Under NO circumstances force the card to remain stuck inward by pushing powerfully when you think it has come to an end. You can break the card’s self-locking system.

All the card insertion and locking process must take place smoothly without forcing the card. If when you push the card and it goes almost entirely into the device but close to the end it does not move abruptly and remains a few mm in the outside means you have wrongly inserted the card – DO NOT force it!!!! See the card position picture and place it in the correct position.

To remove the card, push until you hear a click, then the card unlocks and is automatically removed. Do not suddenly release the card. The self-locking system may break. Remove the card progressively and slowly.

If the sound from the Earpiece is heard too loud outside the ear

The farther you hold the box away from your headset (ear), the slower you hear it. Assemble the box as close to your ear as possible and never lower from your chest.  Because the box has a microphone and the closer it is to the mouth of the person with whom you communicate the more easily he will hear and understand you.

If the room where you want to use the device is noisy, first of all it will be heard louder because the box is close to the headset in your ear and secondly you can adjust how loud you want to hear by bending your head towards the box (you will hear louder and louder as you get closer to the box with the ear in which you have the headset) or remove the head of the box for cases when someone is near you and you want to be sure it will not be heard outside.

Make more tests by adjusting the volume from “+” for louder or “-” for slower, and let someone stand next to you and check if it is heard outside while changing the place and position of the box on the body. If you hold the box on the shoulder, leave the volume slower and if you keep it in your pocket to the chest turn it on to maximum.

In order not to be heard outside, you must find a balance between the box position on the body – the volume you set in the box – and the position of your head relative to the box as described above.

The fact that you can adjust the volume without the need to have access to the device during the exam by tilting the head or the approach of the ear in which the micro-headset is located to the GSM box for a louder volume in your ear and by removing the ear from next to the box for a smaller volume is a very great advantage because in certain situations you need a higher volume and in other cases a more reduced volume.

If the call is closed (very rarely and usually if there is a weak GSM signal in the area) and the person from home calls you and the robot says you are on the network (the device is closed), press the reset button for 3 seconds then on / off and after 20 seconds you can be called again. You have to find a way to reset and restart the GSM box, otherwise it will not reset on its own and you will not be able to be contacted again. This is due to the weak signal from that room.

To extend battery life, keep the GSM box closer to the wireless earpiece (just below the arm for example) and thus you can lower the volume (the battery will last longer)

Do not press too hard on the buttons because they can detach from the motherboard and get inside.

If no blue or red light is lit when you put the box to charge, leave it to charge for 5-10 minutes, then hold the Reset button for 3 seconds. After another 5 minutes, often for several seconds, the blue LED should start flashing. If it does not start flashing after 10-15 minutes after you reset it, use a cable and a charger from a Samsung, LG, etc. – you can use any MicroUSB cable charger.

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