How to use GSM Box With Inductive Earpieces Necklace

Step 1: Put GSM BOx to Charing

Charing proces can be done on any PC or Laptop as well as from socket chargers with USB. The charging time varies depending on the power of the charger and on how consumed it’s the gsm box battery, namely: On Laptop or PC – between 2 and 4 hours, at the socket chargers – about 2 hours.

It is very important to remove the gsm box from charghing before leaving for the exam, because the gsm box discharges even if it is closed and you do not use it.

Charge it as long as the side blue light blinks intermittently. Fully charge the GSM box battery for maximum autonomy and no interruption. If the blue LED flashes a few times after it stays on, it means the battery is already fully charged. The battery MUST NOT be formatted.

The battery’s autonomy may vary depending on the audio volume set and the level of the GSM signal in that location, more exactly the autonomy decreases as the volume increases and the signal is weak in that area. It is recommended to fix the box as high as possible (the closer to the ear the louder you can hear, and it is unnecessary to increase the volume and in this way you increase the time of use).

For example, in areas with weak GSM signal and if you turn the volume to the maximum, the autonomy can even drop by 50%.

Step 2: Inserting the SIM Card in GSM Box

Remove the PIN code if it is activated before you put the card in your device. You do this by inserting the card in a certain phone and by entering the security settings you will find a PIN disable option. WARNING: simply entering your PIN when you switch on your phone does not mean you have your PIN disabled, you will notice that the code is requested again the next time the phone is switched on.

Disabling the PIN code is a very important step because when you start the GSM Box, the card requests the PIN code and as the GSM Box does not have a keypad you are unable to enter it in order to move further and log in to the mobile network. As a result of the failure to disable the PIN code: When you call the respective card number, the robot responds as if the box was closed.

how put sim card in gsm box

Pay close attention to inserting the SIM card into the device because if you insert it in a wrong way, the card holder will be damaged. With the ON / OFF writing towards you and on the left and then following the lateral side and then SOS / RESET on the right side, the card will go with the yellow contacts down and the chamfer front left, push the card with the nail until a click is heard and the card will self-maintain.

In order to remove the card, push the card 1-2 mm with your nail, without forcing it, you will hear a slower click this time and the card will be released.

Step 3: Put mini Inductive magnetic earpiece inside ear

A bad practice is that the inductive earpiece be mounted either from home or some time ago knowing that you are going to go a great distance on foot, in the car, bouses. The vibrations, the walking you may return more suddenly and even sucked or squeezed the inductive earpiece will come off the eardrum or even fall from the ear and either you will not hear again or you will hear very slowly.

We recommend mounting the inductive earpiece shortly before use, go earlier with 15 minutes to a toilet, release the device from the button, put one earpiece in one ear and another earpiece in the other ear, have someone call you, gsm box it wil answer automatically and have him speak continuously. If you do not hear loud and clear at first with the black oval magnet make short movements up – down and swirl behind the ear that you seem to hear weaker until you hear enough loud and clear . This is due to the fact that the earpiece must be perfectly flat with the eardrum otherwise it will be heard clogged, slowly or even at all.

Leave the head on one side so that it is parallel to the ground (as if lying on the bed on one side), insert a earpiece in the ear, moving the head slightly so that the earpiece will slide on the ear canal until it is heard. a “POC”, a sign that the earpiece has reached the eardrum. Usually it falls perfectly with the flat part on the eardrum but not all the time and if it is not perfect on the eardrum it is heard slowly, clogged or not at all and it is necessary to either adjust it with the oval magnet (see a little above how) or to remove it put it back on.

For a stronger sound it is advisable to put one earpiece in each ear, not just in one ear. After the first “POC” is heard, do the same for the other ear, but be careful not to drop the first earpiece. To prevent the first earpiece from falling, turn your head with smooth movements. How well the eardrum is fixed to the eardrum depends on the anatomy of each individual and because of this, certain earpiece can be fixed faster and others will succeed from several attempts.

Very careful to pay attention to the wax in the ear because first if you have little or even a wax plug you will not hear at all or in the best case very slowly, because the wax prevents the contact of the earpiece with the eardrum, and secondly you will remove earpiece very very hard because it sticks to the wax. Use special sprays to remove the wax from the pharmacies and even call an ENT doctor. About 5% to 10% have this problem.

The earpiece is extracted either with that oval magnet by inserting the tip in the ear and rotating the magnet.


Each part has its own anatomy (the auditory canal differs from one person to another) and that is why most people can use this type of device without problems, however a small part face problems such as not hearing anything or failing to remove it.

These cases are below 1% and are mainly due to the excess of wax in the ear or because they put 2..4 earpieces in the same ear (putting them in a row are small but in the ear they are attracted by increasing their volume and occupying the entire ear canal you will not be able to remove them).

Therefore in no way do you put more than one ear in the same ear and clean yourself with wax or yourself using for example an audispray or call a doctor orl-ist .

There are people who due to their own anatomy or ear problems do not manage to fix the earpiece on the eardrum, however these cases are below 1% and we do not recommend insisting because there is the possibility that the earpiece may be removed very hard. For these people, the only solution is a “full skin color earpiece MC-2500” that is sufficient to be inserted into the ear as it is not visible, not requiring the eariece to reach the eardrum.

MC-2500 Earpiece, although they are more expensive, have the following advantages: they are never locked in the ear, you have no wires on the body, clearer and stronger sound.

Step 4 Mounting on the body

The necklace must necessarily be placed around the neck like a chain. In no way do you put the necklace somewhere else, do not tighten the pile and put it below, under the arm, in your pocket, etc. To better mask (hide) the necklace around the neck we recommend to attach it to the body with medicinal glued tape from pharmacy, NOT with usual glue tape because you will sweat and it will come off! The necklace is quite wide and you will position it beyond the contour of the neck.

We recommend using a dark color blouse (black is perfect) and as thin as not to reduce the sensitivity of the microphone and so the one you communicate with will hear and understand much easier and you will have to whisper more slowly.

In no way do you cut that necklace !!!

You will place the necklace around your neck so that the GSM box is in front, in the middle, just above your chest, between your breasts.

Step 5: Turning on the GSM Box

Before any start it is highly recommended to press the reset button for 3 seconds. Then, press the ON / OFF button for 3-5 seconds until a red LED lights up next to the volume button. When the LED lights up for an uninterrupted 2-3 seconds, the box has started, and when it flashes a few times after you press on on-off for a few seconds the box closes.

Nothing has to light at the reset, just press for 3 seconds, then release the button. Wait for approx. 1-2 minutes then you can call the card number from the device. The device will respond automatically. You can adjust the volume by pressing + for louder or – for slower. When starting, the volume is automatically adjusted to half.

The device also has a very sensitive microphone next to SOS / RESET.

What you not to do, WARNING!!!

  • DO NOT force the SIM card to be inserted – the SIM card enters a single position and is locked, see the picture with the correct card insertion position.
  • Do not keep the gsm box with the battery low. Fully load then store!
  • Do not put more than one inductive earpiece in the same ear;
  • It is NEEDED to clean your ear very well before you put on a inductive earpiece(even with perspiration) so that you have no surprise to remove it very hard or to hear nothing.
  • When you sneeze, suck, or even from walking or sudden movements, the earpiece has a high chance of detaching from the eardrum and may even fall from your ear,
  • No put earpiece inside your ear from home. You will put them in the car, the toilet, etc. before entering the room and avoid sudden or energetic movements of the head to prevent changing the position of the earpiece on the eardrum
  • Do not place the necklace anywhere other than around the neck
  • DO NOT cut the necklace !!!
  • Do not attach the device too tightly to the body, in order to have lightness in movement.
  • Do not put the earpiece in your ear knowing that you have a certain distance, more than likely the eapiece will detach from the eardrum or even fall off during walking,
  • If you do not hear clearly (you hear loud or crooked or with strange sounds) give the volume gradually slower and find a balance between volume and clarity.

You must know that no matter how loud you hear inside ear, the GUARANTEED nothing will be heard outside with this mini magnetig inductive earpiece! You must know that due to the different operating principle the sound differs slightly from what is normally heard on the speaker of a telephone or on regular headphones.

You hear a little clogged (it is normal) but adjusting the volume in the box (slower, do not leave the maximum) and removing the helmet and repositioning the eardrum on the eardrum does not pose the problem of not understanding what is dictated in the earpiece. Adjust the volume and change the position of the earpiece until you get the most acceptable quality sound.

If you hear nothing inside ear

Charghing battery for the GSM Box to the maximum, check if you have a good signal for GSM network that is the SIM card in the device. Check that the PIN code(security password for SIM Card) is disabled on the  SIM card in the device by placing it in a phone and if it has deactivated from the menu. Give the maximum volume by briefly pressing the “+” button several times. Necklace must necessarily be placed around the neck, if nout you can not hear nothing inside earpiece. Earpiece need touch your eardum, if not sound inside earpiece can have low intencity or can be uncleare – remuve earpiece and put back again.

If the robot(Mail Box) answer you - the phone is closed

If when you call the card number from the GSM box, the robot responds as if the phone (the GSM Box) was closed even though you started the box and the red LED lit for 1-2 seconds continuously (if it blinks it means it was on and you closed it) there are only 4 causes:

  • You have not disabled the PIN code- It’s NOT enough to just enter your PIN at start-up when you place the card on a regular phone. You must enter the phone menu at Settings – Security Settings – PIN code request (because it differs from one model and phone manufacturer to another, you have to search the menu – it’s not the same for all) and disable the PIN code!
  • It does not read the SIM card: You used cards with an adapter to which the surface of the card is not smooth and those lips that remain outside a little will hook at one point the contact pins that read the card and they will move, bend or even break it, and thus the card will not be read by the device, it’s like you do not have the card! WARNING!
  • There is no signal in that area

You do not call the device card number – you may have misspelled it CHECK!

If the SIM Card does not remain in the device

If you observe precisely that in the picture the position of insertion of the card in the device, the card will remain inside due to the self-locking system.

You have to push with a nail or an object: a pile of nails, a tweezers for pens, a knife but not with the sharp tip, etc. until you hear a click. This click will be heard when the card is pushed to the end (until it has no place to go back). Sometimes if you do this operation with a nail that is not big enough, you may not be able to push the card to the end and the card will not remain inside. If you do not succeed with the nail help with an object something not very sharp.

Under no circumstances do you force the card to remain locked inside by pushing it hard when you think it has reached the end. You can break the card’s self-locking system.

The whole process of inserting and locking the SIM card must proceed smoothly without forcing the SIM card. If when you push the SIM card and it comes almost completely into the device but near the end it does not suddenly go forward and stays a few milimeters outside, it means that you inserted the card incorrectly – DO NOT force !!!! See the picture with the card position and insert it in the correct position.

To remove the SIM card, push until you hear a click then the SIM card is unlocked and automatically removed. Do not suddenly drop the SIM card. The self-locking system can be broken. Remove the card slowly and slowly.

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