How to Use BlueTooth With Wireless Hidden Headset

Quick Start Guide mini Bluetooth with Spy Earpiece

New Bluetooth Cheating Device

The device uses a new model of inductor and thus the necklace is no longer necessary. The system is compatible with any cell phone model (including last model of Iphone), has a feature of Automatic Answer to call and call of the last number in the list without having to use the phone, performance microphone and is very easy to use.

Advantage of using:

  • No wire, No Neckloop (Necklace) – New Inductor!
  • The connection between the mobile phone and the device is done wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • after you connect Bluetooth to your mobile phone, connection become hidden
Bluetooth with Invisible Spy EarpieceHidden Headset for Exam Cheating

What can you do if

If the sound from cheating spy earpiece have poor quality or has low intensity

Gsm box and bluetooth device use same spy earpiece so advices from next video may helpyou to solve this situation. If when you test mini bluetooth device with mini invisible spy earpiece, inside your ear sound(voice of your helper) have low intensity or quality is poor (with many distorsions) ceck this video to see advice what can you doo in this situation for fix the problem.

If sound is lower:

  • hold the bluetooth device more closer to your cheating earpiece
  • change the battery in the cheating earpiece
  • press many thimes + (Up Volume) from your phoen what is connected to the bluetooth to encrese volume level

If the sound have bad quality:

  • not set volume to the maximum level!! 

If it is heard slowly and after you have checked the steps above, most likely yellow wax got into the spy cheating earpiece and either the earpiece got clogged or the wax (usually the liquid one) got to the speaker membrane and, having a high viscosity, stuck it moving harder. The cheating earpiece must be replaced with a new oane. Clean very stryctly before insert earpiece inside ear, damage earpiece with wax is not cover by warranty.

If the sound from cheating spy earpiece have poor quality or has low intensity

Gsm box and bluetooth device use same spy earpiece so advices from next video may helpyou to solve this situation. If when you test bluetooth device with mini invisible spy earpiece, sound have to high intensity – is heard outside of your ear, check next video to see what can you do for fix this problem.

The further you hold the bluetooth device from the earpiece (ear), the slower you will hear. Put the bluetooth device as close as possible to the ear(cheating earpiece) and never below the chest, because the bluetooth device has a microphone and the closer it is to the mouth the person you are communicating(your helper) with will hear and understand you much more easily.

If there is noise in the exam room where you want to use the device, first of all, it will be louder because the bluetooth device is close to the headphones in the ear, and secondly, you can adjust how loud it can be heard by bending your head towards the box (it will be heard from the louder the closer you get to the bluetooth device with the ear in which you have the headset) or move your head away from the bluetooth device for cases when someone is next to you and you want to be sure that they will not be heard outside.

Make several tests by adjusting the volume from “+” for louder and “-” for slower, and have someone sit next to you and check if it can be heard outside, changing at the same time the place and position of the bluetooth on the body.

In order not to be heard outside, you must find a balance between the position of the bluetooth cheating device on your body – the volume set by you at the phone – and the position of your head in relation to the bluetooth device as I described above.

The fact that you need to adjust the volume without having to have access to the device during the exam by tilting your head, respectively approaching the ear where the bluetooth device  is located for a louder in-ear volume and removing the ear from the bluetooth device for a lower volume represents. A very big advantage because in different situations it is of a larger volume and in other situations a small volume.

Step 1: Charging Bluetooth Device

The charging can be done with any type of charger that has cable with MicroUSB connector. Usually you can use any mobile phone charger, less than Iphone, but also any USB from the Laptop, desktop PC. It can even be charged with car chargers for phones.

The device comes charged very little, just for a test. Keep the Bluetooth charged until the LED lights up blue. When the red light is on, charging is on. Charging time may vary depending on how low the battery is and can reach somewhere up to 3 hours, enough for a range of approx. 5 to 6 hours.

So if you put the charger on and after a very short time it will turn blue from red which means that the battery was very low and so the process of fully charging the battery does not take long.
The longer the battery is charged, the longer the charge time will be (maximum 3..4 hours) When the battery of the stick is very low the LED will flash red.

Step 2: Put the 337 Battery inside Wireless Earpiece

The battery has 2 sides: one side is completely smooth and has something written on it and the other has a circle on the edge. All the time the battery will be put in the lid with the writing side towards the lid and the circle on the edge towards the Microheadset:

The right way of inserting the 337 Battery into the Wireless Earpiece!
DON’T pull the lid – the lid opens by spinning! Thread the Microheadset cap carefully. If as soon as you start threading, lock and unscrew again. Threading should be very easy, it is not necessary to force.

When you put the battery in the wireless earpiece after you have fixed the lid it is possible to have a little space between the helmet and the lid (the lid does not tighten until the end) – this is normal!

The wireless earpiece battery will start to be consumed from the moment you screw on the lid, even if you do not use the earpiece, so it is recommended that you do not leave the battery inside.

The battery life is about 3 … 4 hours of operation. The battery can be used several times as long as you do not leave it in the wireless earpiece.
The Earpiece will be inserted into the ear all the time with the sharp side towards the ear. It will push with a tweezers until it is no longer visible.

When you remove it you will shoot with a tweezers of that small transparent antenna. That antenna on the Earpiece has absolutely no role in the functioning of the microcast and is only put to remove the helmet from the ear.

Some clients shorten it or even cut it all to see how hard the earphone is, but be careful: you will no longer have to pull the helmet out of your ear and you will remove it very, very hard.

The Earpiece has a background noise (like a headband, a continuous pitch) – this is normal, this means that the microcast amplification works and the headset is new.
The more intense this background is, the more the voice of the dictator will be more intense. In time the intensity will decrease with the wear of the earpiece until it is no longer heard – it means you have to replace the wireless earpiece!

Step 3: Connect the BlueTooth System to your phone

Depending on the bluetooth model, the way you connect to your phone may differ slightly. Some bluetooth models also have a side power button, others have only one button on the front for all functions.

From the front button, reset the bluetooth. When the blue(or green – depend bluetooth model) LED first came on, you will not find the bluetooth device on your phone when you search for Bluetooth. This is because it is specially designed to stay connected with the latest phone, after the connection has been made with a phone any other device be it phone, laptop, scanner, etc., it will not be able to find it.

This is why you need to reset the connection when you want to use the stick on another phone and this is done by holding for a few more seconds after the blue LED first lights up and then hold until it starts flashing blue and red.

If you want to use the same phone, you do not need to reset the Bluetooth connection, you will press and hold the power button until the blue LED first lights up and you immediately take the finger on the button.

Enter the phone’s menu at settings – Bluetooth and browse for new devices, Samsung Esssential will find you, you will be logged in and accept absolutely any request of the phone. Some phone models will require a password, you will enter “0000”.

Step 4: Put on the body

The necklace must necessarily be placed around the neck like a chain. In no way do you put the necklace elsewhere, do not tighten the pile and put it below, under the arm, in your pocket, etc. To better mask (hide) the necklace around the neck we recommend that you attach it to the body with medicinal patch from the pharmacy(glue tape from pharmacy), NOT with normal glue tape because you will sweat and it will come off!

The necklace is quite wide and you will position it beyond the contour of the neck. We recommend the use of a dark color blouse (black is perfect) and as thin as possible so as not to reduce the sensitivity of the microphone, without too generous cut to the ladies and ladies.

In no way do you cut that necklace! In exceptional cases you can put it in 2 and possibly put it inside the necklace from a shirt taking care that under the ear you put the microphone to be several inches of necklace, but the intensity of the sound in the earpiece will decrease considerably.

You will place the necklace around your neck so that the BlueTooth is in front, in the middle, just above your chest, between your breasts.

When you call someone and press bluetooth (you have to enter the multifunction button on bluetooth) the phone will answer you automatically without having access to it. If you are in a call and press on bluetooth, the phone will close the call. If you press twice on Bluetooth quickly, the phone where it is will call the last number dialed from you in the list.

You can have the phone either on you or leave a maximum 5 ~ 10m of you in a purse, map, blouse etc in the hanger, on the glass on the windowsill, on the chair, etc.

Activating the AUTOMATIC ANSWER function on call.

Many phones have settings – call settings – Auto Answer feature – which if activated, when you call, in case the call is interrupted for some reason, the phone will answer automatically after a few seconds, without being forced to do anything else.

ATTENTION: on Android phones the function is tested and works without problems only when you have connected the bluetooth system to the phone. On phones that are not smart phones (without operating system) depending on the brand and model:

  • Some work but only when they are NOT set to Sillent (if you set them to sillent it will not respond automatically – you have to set in the general profile, NOT in sillent, that a ringtone sounds a song with nothing in it and to deactivate the vibrations – so the song will not vibrate and without the recorded sound, nothing will be heard outside, the method is tested and works!)
  • In other models the automatic answer function is only valid when you connect the headphones with the wire and it is not valid for the bluetooth headset.
  • There is no Auto Answer feature on Iphone.

Depending on the model and brand of the phone, the menu differs and we cannot tell you exactly how to activate this function. You have to look for it, in the Call Settings you will find it or in the Accessories – Headset. Search YouTube or GooGle for your phone.

This auto answer option is only valid if your phone supports this feature. Search the menu or search the net how to activate it.

If you do not hear anything in your ear

Check the earpiece battery and possibly replace it, normally if the battery is good and the microcast hole is not clogged with the wax in the headset, a “background noise” must be heard. If you hear that backdrop guaranteed headset works.

Put the necklace around the neck. 

Check if the BlueTooth device is connected to the phone – just in case models appear on the work screen, and on some models such as Iphone when you are on the call, after answering, or answering, select from the Bluetooth bluetooth music screen.

If the sound is heard outside your ear

The longer you keep the necklace away from the earphone, the slower you will hear it. The Necklace is placed around the neck, close to the ear and never below the chest, because at the base of the neck there is a microphone and the closer to the mouth the one you communicate with will hear and understand it much easier.

If in the room where you want to use the device is a galage first of all you will hear louder in the headset because the Necklace is close to the earphone and in the second row you can adjust how loud it is to hear by bending the head (close to the ear where there is a helmet) to the Necklace (you will hear more and more as you approach the Necklace with the ear in which you have a helmet) or remove the Necklace head for cases when someone is near you and you want to be sure that it is not will hear outside.

It is important to mount the necklace with the microphone as close to the mouth, it has at the base of the neck a very sensitive microphone but which can not read on your lips and the closer to the mouth the more it will be enough to whisper slower – you will be easier to understand at home. Take a dark blouse and as thin as possible so that the sound reaches the microphone easier.

Do more tests by adjusting the volume from “+” to the “respectively” – “slowly” and allow someone to sit next to you and check if you hear outside changing at the same time the place and position of the head towards the Necklace .

In order not to be heard on the outside you have to find a balance between the position of the head relative to the Necklace and the volume set by you on the phone as described above.

The fact that you can adjust the volume without having to have access to the phone during the exam by tilting the head respectively the ear in which the necklace of the necklace is for a volume in the ear louder and respectively removing the ear of the necklace for a smaller volume represents a very big advantage because in different situations you need a larger volume and in other situations a small volume and you certainly cannot access the volume buttons on the phone.

If you hear slowly in your ear

The necklace should be around the neck. Give the maximum volume from the phone after you answered the call NOT before !!! On Bluetooth you have volume button on the side – maximize the volume of Bluetooth even if you gave it from the phone – the volume from Bluetooth is separated! 

Keep the ear with the earpiece closer to the necklace – bend the head towards the necklace. Change the battery from the Earpiece. Try to use with another phone. 

If it is heard slowly and after you have checked the above steps most likely the wax has entered the Earpiece and either the earpiece has been clogged or the wax (usually the liquid) has reached the diffuser membrane and having high viscosity it has blocked it moving- it’s getting harder.

The wireless earpiece must be changed! Normally in the earpiece you must hear a continuous whistling (noise), a background noise. When the earpiece is new that background noise is quite noticeable. When this noise is no longer heard or heard very slowly you must replace the earpiece!

The wireless earpiece has a background noise like a continuous pitch. This whistle is normal – it means that the earpiece is working and it should not normally be heard outside. It is rarely the case that the earpiece removes a sharp, high intensity pin during use – it can be heard from 0.5 to 1 meter from the outside. This can happen for the following reasons: 

  • Less than 0.1% of headphones sometimes get a pinch when the battery is exhausted – Use quality, original batteries to avoid unpleasant situations. An Original battery must last at least 4 hours of continuous operation. Change the battery after each use. The battery is consumed since you put it in the lid, even if you do not use the system.
  • Do not drop the earpiece on the floor: it will be heard very slowly or it will start to have high noise! If the ear wax reaches the inside of the earpiece, it can oxidize the circuits and sometimes there may be ringing sounds.

In order to extend the life of the earpiece and to avoid unpleasant situations when the earpiece starts to fall on the exam it is important to clean the ear very well before each use.

What not to do !!!!

You do not have to clean your ear very well before inserting the microcase – you will infuse it with wax and it will be heard very slowly and in time the wax will destroy the internal circuits.

  •  Do not pull the lid – the lid opens by turning,
  • Do not have problems with that backdrop, it is normal, this means that the microphone works, when it disappears, the helmet has failed and needs to be changed,
  • Do not use batteries other than 337,
  • Do not put the battery in reverse – you will burn the earpiece,
  • Do not place the necklace anywhere other than around the neck
  • Do not use gloves to paste the necklace – you will sweat and it will peel off,
  • Do not leave the phone beyond 5 m or in the worst case 10 m,
  • DO NOT cut the necklace

Due to the technology used, the very small size, the earpiece is very sensitive and therefore try not to lose it on foot, not to keep it close to large magnetic or electromagnetic fields, and very important not to infuse it with wax!

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