Mini Button Camera for cheating on exams i-Cheat S1

The Latest Product for cheating to Exams: The mini camera that transmits real-time images at 4K UHD resolution with your topics on a sheet of paper or LCD monitor. Benefits: autofocus, camera sent images have 4K Ultra HD Resolution, your topics can be on paper or LCD Monitor, mini camera can send one 4K image each 20 seconds, camera have small size – Easy to hidden – you can hidden camera by replacing a button on the sleeve or chest.

I-cheat S1 is a profesional mini button camera that can send a 4k UHD image with your questions to e email adress. This camera is very easy to use, no need have install any app for receiving images. I-Cheat S1 mini camera can be used for exams with questions on A4 paper or LCD monitor. The camera have small size and is easy to hide under your clothes.

The i-Cheat S1 camera is able to send images with your questions at a very high resolution. This means that your helper from home can give very large zoom on the picture, the writing being clearly observed.

The large viewing angle, but also the high resolution that the camera i-Cheat S1 have, allows in a single picture sent to see a full A4 sheet of paper or the entire LCD monitor from a distance of about 50 … 70 centimeters between the mini button camera and the sheet of paper (LCD Monitor).

Whether your subjects are on a sheet of paper or on the LCD monitor, the i-Cheat S1 mini-camera will be able to send them to your home helper easily. In the pictures received, your helper from home can see the topics very clearly.

How works i-Cheat S1 camera?

The camera can send to your helper  topics in two ways:

  •  each time when you press the small button the camera will take a picture and send it automatically to your helper from home
  • your helper has installed an free application on Descktop PC or Laptop with which it can control your camera remotely: it can take pictures or record video. Without you having to press the buttons during the exam!

Is very simple! The camera has a very thin wire 1.5 meters long. The wire is very thin and extremely flexible so you can hide it easily. At the end of the wire is a mini button. Each time you press the button, the mini camera will take a picture and send it automatically to an email address. From the moment when you press the button until the picture arrive to your helper, it can take about 20 … 25 seconds. So you can send one picture every 20-25 seconds.

     The button will hide it on the body where you think you have easier access to press it during the exam. For example, many clients stick to their elbows with a medical patch. Thus, every time when you press your elbow on the table, the camera will make and send a picture to your home helper. It’s just an example, you have to do more tests before the exam and you will put the mini button where you think it is best for you.

How are the photos received by your helper?

The camera will automatically send a picture each time you press that button. Picture is received in a free application. This application your helper need to have installed in PC Descktop or laptop (Windows or MAC). Each mini-camera i-Cheat S1 camera comes with a unique id code. This id code is set by us and you cannot change it. When you start application this id code is required for you can connect to your camera. In the user manual papers you will find the id code that your camera has.

What is the distance that the person who will help you can be?

 i-Cheat S1 will send the pictures to the application what is instaled on your helper computer. Thus the person who is going to help you can be in any location where he has access to the internet, even in another country. It only needs a laptop or PC desktop with internet access.

Camera need have access to internet connexion. From where?

In order to be able to send pictures with the questions in real time to your helper from home, the camera needs a wifi internet connection. You can give internet to the Camera i-Cheat S1 using your own mobile phone. All smartphones have the function of “Personal Hotspot” and “Data Mobile”. With these two functions from your mobile phone the camera will have access to the internet and will be able to send pictures with your questions in any corner of the world.

The mini camera communicates with your phone via WiFi, so the distance between the phone and the camera will have to be no more than 3 … 5 meters. Of course, in the exam room you are not allowed to enter with a mobile phone, but you can hide it somewhere on the body under the clothes.

If you do not want to have your cell phone hidden on the body, you can use a mini 4G LTE WiFi router. You can buy any 4G mini router from the local market (for example: Huawei e5577).

How can you mount the camera on the body?

I-Cheat S1 uses latest technology, allowing it to have extraordinarily small size with high performance. The very small dimensions will help you a lot to hide the mini-camera i-Cheat S1 easily and without giving anything suspicious to the people in your juices.

You can mount the camera on your body by replacing one of the buttons on the t-shirt on the sleeve or chest. You will have to macke some tests and choose where you will mount the mini-camera where you think it is best for you.

If the buttons remaining on the shirt differ from the one in which the mini-camera is located, there is no problem because the mini-camera i-Cheat S1 comes with 10 spare buttons so that all the buttons on your shirt will be the same.

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