Popular Exam Cheating Gadgets – Hidden Headset and Camera

Most performing Devices for Cheating on Exams/Test with Spy Headset Hidden Headphone Invisible Earpiece

You can find the most advanced cheating for exam/test systems with us! With an experience of over 18 years, we bring the most advanced cheating wireless earpieces and mini button camera for cheating. We are the only ones who have real pictures and descriptions of the products, detailed user manuals with video on youtube.

Popular Exam Cheating Gadgets - Hidden Headset and Camera

Safety first! Low risk of getting caught!

There is no system that can guarantee that you will take an exam. But choosing a high-performance system and as easy to use as possible can increase your chances of success considerably!

Our systems are NOT standard in China! They are specially developed to our specifications after 18 years of experience.

Spy Earpiece for Exam Cheating MC-2500 2

We have the Smallest Cheating Gadgets for Exam/Test in the world!

Cheating Devices with Spy Invisible Earpiece

The world's smallest cheating spy earpiece

  • It is not necessary to have wires on your body!
  • It is easy to use and does not have to be placed only in a certain position like the magnetic ones to hear in the ear;
  • It can’t stay stuck in the ear and can’t fall out – you can put it in the ear casually at home, the magnet type ones detach and fall out easily;
  • It must not touch the eardrum – hear from any position in the ear;
  • It cannot affect your eardrum like magnet types;

It cannot be seen in the ear!

Spy Earpiece for Exam Cheating

Cheating Gadgets with mini Spy invisible Earpiece

For more and more exams, you are no longer allowed to enter the exam room with a mobile phone. Technology has advanced a lot in recent years and so now a mobile phone can be the size of a matchbox or a car key. The following devices allow you to have a discreetly conversation with the person helping you without the distance limit.

The world's smallest cheating Button Camera for Exam/Test

A mini button video camera for exam cheating can be extremely useful when where you are going to use the device, the vigilance of supervisor is very high. Usual, at the beginning, when in the exam room is quiet, you have chances to speak in a whisper, but if you don’t want to take any kind of risk, then a mini camera hidden in a button that broadcasts live can be an inspired choice.

Unlimited distances between Button camera and your helper

Spy cheating camera exams invisible hidden video camera 01

Keep in mind that the Audio and Video systems work independently and do not have to be compatible with each other – they are different systems.

At Audio, the person helping you will make a regular call from any phone to the SIM number inserted in the device. The one who has the headset will hear in his ear and will be able to be heard by the person who is at home and helping (the device with the headset also has a microphone).

For Video, you will have to use a second SIM card for the video camera in the copy button that has an Internet option activated. The person who helps you will be able to see in the application live (Live) and at any time everything that the camera films.

The best performing Button Cameras on the market Guaranteed!

When you’re in the exam, you can’t really move as you want because you risk getting caught – the invigilators are there and keep up with the technology and know how to use such systems. In addition, with cameras with manual focus, it is clearly visible only from a certain distance, which is usually very small: max 30cm. – you will have to keep the camera very close to the writing, which is almost impossible to achieve in some exams.

Real Images from Real Exams!

Maybe you can’t believe it, but these images are taken by an iCheat s3 Pro camera and are taken from real exams! Don’t forget to select maximum quality from Youtube Settings!

Classic Button Cameras have a fixed focus lens – the person at home will only be able to see the writing clearly if you hold the camera only at a certain distance from the writing, otherwise it will be seen in the fog.

The Button Cameras with Autofocus, have the lens in a movable button and know how to adjust the clarity according to the distance between the camera and the text. Thus, you are no longer so limited as to keep the camera so that the one at home can see the writing.

This function is very important and useful, but the technology used is more expensive – button cameras for cheating with autofocus are more expensive.

i-Cheat S3 Button Camera

The Smallest Camera for Cheating Without Wires!

Test live an i-Cheat S3 Camera

If you have doubts about the performance of the camera, you can now test a camera for copying i-Cheat S3 from your home. All you have to do is contact one of our technicians at the contact phone number and you will be scheduled for a demonstration! Usually in max 10 – 30min.

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